Who is Medicare Advisors of Alabama?

Medicare Advisors of Alabama, LLC is an insurance agency based in Birmingham, Alabama. We’re a group of local, kind-hearted, and knowledgeable licensed insurance agents with decades of experience helping Alabamians with Medicare.

We will never try to talk you into an insurance plan that you don’t need. Instead, we think of ourselves more as Medicare educators with an insurance license. We’ll simply look at your situation, give you honest advice, help you get enrolled into the plan of your choice, and be there for you as your needs change over the years.


How do we get paid?

Medicare Advisors of Alabama does not charge fees for consultations or advice.

We are not associated with the government and do not rely on government grants for funding. Our agents do have to make a living and are appointed with many insurance carriers.

If we help you enroll into an insurance plan the carrier pays that agent a commission. Our agents are independent consultants and do not work for an insurance company either. Medicare requires each insurance company to pay the same commission so there isn’t an incentive to suggest one plan over another. We are truly trying to give you the best advice possible.

Many times people call us and we advise that their current plan is their best option. When that happens, all we charge is a hug and to tell everyone you know that we gave you good and honest advice (If you don’t like hugs, a handshake would do).


Local Alabama Medicare Agents Ready To Assist You

Individuals eligible for Medicare should have the education they need to make a sound insurance decision; our local Medicare agents are teachers.

First, we make sure you understand the fundamentals and parts of Medicare by one-on-one meetings (in-person, phone, or virtual) or our group meetings.

Next, our specialists use their experience with local demographics, hospitals, physicians, and pharmacy benefits to compare, buy, and enroll you in the best health insurance plan for you.

Get The Right Medicare Insurance

Medicare Advisors of Alabama is the better way to find the right insurance coverage at the right price for Alabamians.

We offer Medicare supplemental insurance, drug plans, Medicare Advantage plans, and more from leading regional and national providers. Our wide-range of insurance carriers gives you the benefit of unbiased advice with no added cost to you.

Medicare Advisors of Alabama offers unbiased, accurate comparisons for: 

Medicare Advantage (Part C)
Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D)
Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap)
Dental and Vision Insurance Plans
Medicare International/Travel insurance

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