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Feb 2021
02 Feb 2021

COVID Vaccination Site Opens

UAB provides drive-through vaccination for 75 and older at the Hoover Met.

Eligibility will expand to 65 and older on February 8th.

For more information visit the UAB News article.

UAB patients can register online and non-UAB patients can register at the Jefferson County Vaccine Center site.

- posted by Chad

Apr 2020
13 Apr 2020

COVID-19 Update

The Medicare population is front and center in the battle against COVID-19 and Medicare Advisors of Alabama is taking it seriously.

Image: COVID-19 Virus
COVID-19 Virus

The Social Security Offices are closed and their phone system is overwhelmed. However, each and every day people still need help enrolling in Medicare and then choosing a Medicare plan. At this time, we are avoiding in-person meetings as well but our team is here to help!

First things first, just give us a call. We can evaluate your needs and see if now is the right time for you to enroll in Medicare. If it is, we have all the forms you’ll need to enroll and can help you get them to the right place. After getting the proper paperwork to the Social Security Administration we can review which Medicare plan will be your best fit.

If you have a smartphone or computer we can meet virtually through a program called GoToMeeting. It’s simple. We’ll send you a link via email or text that takes you to a virtual meeting room where our agents can share their screen with you right on your phone or computer. It allows us to review the parts of Medicare, discuss plan options, and review plan benefits all without leaving your home. Enrollments can also be done over the phone on a secure recorded line, through an electronic signature, or an application sent via the US Post Office.

These are strange times indeed but we’re adapting and look forward to working with you as always.

Eric Smith
Medicare Advisors of Alabama

What is the latest information on Coronavirus and how does it affect you? Learn the unique details of your Medicare plan, your health, and dealing with the Coronavirus (COVID-19):

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Oct 2018
28 Oct 2018

More than Just a Client

Helping people with Medicare is a passion of mine, but it can be a boring topic.

Supplements, Advantage Plans, Part B, Plan F, when to enroll, and figuring out how to pay for it all are just some of the things discussed daily. However, sometimes I meet special people who make this job awesome and this world a better place

Image: Eric and Michael
Eric and Michael
Image: Eric and Lou
Eric and Lou

Two of those special clients who have become my friends are Michael and Lou. Both gentlemen are great people who have hearts to serve others in their community. In many of my Medicare Education classes I talk about being a resource to those around you. There’s a lot of extra help available for people with limited income in the form of subsidies and pharmaceutical assistance. Without people like Michael and Lou telling their neighbors and friends about what’s available and who to contact, many people would be paying more than they should for their insurance and prescriptions. I’m proud that so many of my clients have become my friends and to have folks like Lou and Michael in my corner and yours.

Learn what types of help is available in your community and become a resource to your circle of influence. You just never know who all you could help.

- posted by Eric

Oct 2018
27 Oct 2018

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Sign Up for Medicare Part B

Fantastic in-depth article from the New York Times by Paula Span about when to sign up for Medicare without penalties.

Every person’s situation is unique, so don’t get bad advice. We’re local, we’re free, and we can help you decide what to do. Call us, come to a class, or schedule a one-on-one meeting to learn your options. Call us at (205)704-9020 or send us an email

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Aug 2018
25 Aug 2018

Pre-Retirees Fail This Medicare Quiz

Great Medicare article and quiz from CNBC.

If you’re approaching retirement age, deciding when to go on Medicare and what to choose can be overwhelming. Medicare Advisors of Alabama can help! Contact us today to teach a Medicare 101 class at your company, church, or community center. We can also meet with you one-on-one to look at your individual options at absolutely no cost or obligation.

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Aug 2018
18 Aug 2018

Eric Smith Talking Medicare on The Caregiving Doctor Show.

Eric and Clarissa Fells Smith had a great Medicare discussion on The Caregiving Doctor Show.

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Aug 2018
11 Aug 2018

Changes to MediGap Plans Coming Soon

We’ve all heard the famous quote from Heraclitus, “The Only Thing That is Constant is Change.” That was true in 500 BC and it’s still true today.

Changes are coming to Medicare in 2020. Read this article from Kiplinger’s. It discusses the changes and what we can do to prepare. 2020 seems like a long way off, but will be here before we know it.

Contact us at anytime if you’d like to learn about more changes.

Two Medigap Plans to Be Phased Out - Ask Kim - Kiplinger

- posted by Eric

Sep 2017
29 Sep 2017

Medicare and COBRA Doesn’t Mix.

I get questions quite often from employees who are considering retirement after age 65 about taking COBRA instead of Medicare.

That would be a really bad idea. Check out this article from Forbes about the dangers of choosing COBRA over Medicare after age 65. As always if you’re trying to decide what to do don’t hesitate to contact us. Medicare Danger Over 65 and Considering COBRA - Forbes 2/2019

- posted by Eric