More than Just a Client

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October 28, 2018

Helping people with Medicare is a passion of mine, but it can be a boring topic. Supplements, Advantage Plans, Part B, Plan F, when to enroll, and figuring out how to pay for it all are just some of the things discussed daily. However, sometimes I meet special people who make this job awesome and this world a better place.

Image: Eric and Michael
Eric and Michael
Image: Eric and Lou
Eric and Lou

Two of those special clients who have become my friends are Michael and Lou. Both gentlemen are great people who have hearts to serve others in their community. In many of my Medicare Education classes I talk about being a resource to those around you. There’s a lot of extra help available for people with limited income in the form of subsidies and pharmaceutical assistance. Without people like Michael and Lou telling their neighbors and friends about what’s available and who to contact, many people would be paying more than they should for their insurance and prescriptions. I’m proud that so many of my clients have become my friends and to have folks like Lou and Michael in my corner and yours.

Learn what types of help is available in your community and become a resource to your circle of influence. You just never know who all you could help.